Frequently Asked Questions


Booking Information

When should I book a flight with you whilst in Queenstown?
We recommend booking for the first day you are available in Queenstown as this is a weather dependent activity. If we cannot fly on the initial day you booked for, we can then look to reschedule your booking to our next available departure, giving to you the best opportunity to fly to Milford Sound with us.

Can I take my Infant/Baby on the plane?
You can definitely take your young children with you on the Plane. Infants up to 2 years and under 11kgs are free of charge and are required to sit on an adults knee. Children aged 2 - 14 years and/or weighing over 11kgs will require their own seat. Infants are free of charge.

Our Aircraft have plenty of space to take strollers and buggies as well, but please advise us when you book if you are bringing one along as we need to check it folds small enough to fit into the aircraft and is safely secured. The motion of the aircraft does put many of the young children we fly to sleep – sometimes even before we take off!

Do you offer accommodation transfers?
We do indeed. We offer complimentary return transfers from all Central Queenstown locations. Please advise us of where you are staying when you book. Pickups start approximately 5 minutes after your weather check time and will be advised in your booking confirmation.

Can I drive to your base for check in?
Sure thing. We have plenty of free parking available onsite. Please let us know when booking whether you require a pickup from your accommodation or if you are self driving to our base located at 39 Lucas Place, Frankton. Check in for self drivers is 30 mins prior to the departure time.

Why is the Coach Cruise Fly more expensive than the Fly Cruise Fly?
The reason for this is that we need to book the coach both ways from Queenstown to Milford Sound in case of weather cancelling the flyback part of the trip. It is also the same flight time to take the Aircraft from Queenstown to Milford Sound to pick you up. Note if you cannot fly back due to the weather then you will be refunded the difference between the Coach/Cruise/Fly and Coach/Cruise/Coach.


Flight Information

What happens if my flight is cancelled due to the weather?
We ask all guests flying with us to call us 1hr 15mins before the departure time for your weather check. If we are unable to fly due to adverse weather conditions, we will contact you to reschedule you to the next available trip that suits you. If you cannot reschedule then you will receive a full refund. We always recommend that you book for the start of your time in Queenstown to allow for any weather disruptions.

What are your minimum numbers?
We require a minimum of 4 passengers for the of our flights.

What happens if the weather changes and we get stuck in Milford Sound?
This is an extremely rare occurrence as our pilots will always make the weather call based on the 4 hours that we need for the trip. If the pilots feel there is a chance that the weather will change then we will not go. We will arrange coach transfers back to Queenstown in the unlikely event that this ever occurs.

What altitude do we fly at?
Our cruising altitude is weather dependent and ranges between 5,000 - 10,000 feet.

Do I get a window seat?
You sure do. All our aircraft have guaranteed windows seats giving you the best opportunity to take photos of what we think is the best scenery in the world.


Health & Safety

Can I travel to Milford Sound if I am pregnant?
You can travel on our flights if you are pregnant. There is no medical centre in Milford Sound so the choice to fly with us is at your own discretion. We would generally not recommend flying in the last 2-3 months of pregnancy as a precaution.

Do you have any weight restrictions?
No, we do not have any weight restrictions for our travellers, however if you are 130kg (286lbs) or over, please contact us directly before making a booking as it assists us operationally when planning and managing seat availability. We will want to know all of our passenger’s weights to ensure safety for all of our flights.

Can you take disabled passengers?
We can take disabled passengers on our flights. We do require that any disabled passenger is travelling with another passenger to assist with getting into and out of the aircraft. Our Aircraft all have storage space to take wheelchairs and walking aids if required as long as they can fold down to fit in the planes. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your circumstances and we can advise.